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A Mindful Massage

In 1992 I started as a nurse’s aide; I worked in convalescent centers, health care agencies and was an in-home care giver. I saw to the needs of those who were bedridden, wheelchair bound, or who had ambulatory difficulties. There are many challenges people face when they are no longer able to be physically active and unable to take care of their daily activities without pain. The benefits of massage to clients who suffer from physical limitations is priceless. My background as a caregiver made me realize that there is a great need to provide massage therapy to the elderly community.

There are many positive outcomes to massage therapy. Patients are more receptive to physical therapy, circulation is improved, helping prevent muscle atrophy to the extremities, and with a healing touch the sense of wellbeing can carry on throughout their day. For example, a half hour of reflexology to the hands and feet can greatly improve their mobility. It is very important that at least once a week a client should receive massage to harness the full benefits.

Understanding Massage

  • Swedish Massage

    Most people are familiar with Swedish Massage. In this type of massage, the therapist uses long strokes, passive range of motion, and if required, active range of motion. Strokes like kneading or friction techniques can are also used. Throughout the day I see people with their hands on their shoulders, heads, or legs after a work out or a hard day at work, trying to do this on their own. It is best done by a massage therapist who will combine it with other techniques to loosen those tissues.

  • Shiatsu Massage

    Shiatsu and Acupressure are best used with finger pressure. Mindful Massage uses the fingers to locate and dissolve adhesions at specific points. In Shiatsu one must be patient to make progress. Holding the pressure will reward the therapist and the client with a welcome sense of the tissue releasing and relaxing. Shiatsu is about energy and the channels our energy travels through. It is best for your back for you to relax and have a Mindful Massage therapist combine these techniques with others such as trigger point.

  • Trigger Point or Neuromuscular Massage

    Trigger Point or Neuromuscular therapy is the best for painfully irritated areas in the muscles. This is also great for breaking the cycles of spasm and pain. If you are already having a back attack, this is the one for you. Along with pure pressure, your Mindful Massage therapist will use breathing to help increase the circulation and get to the deeper tissues.


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